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Agent Referral Program

Excalibur offers several referral opportunities to other licensed agents. We want to express our appreciation for your faith in us.

Sellers and Buyers

Excalibur Realty will happily pay licensed real estate agents 20% of our commission earned when we sell a property for someone you referred to us.


When you, as a licensed agent, refer a new client with a vacant property to Excalibur Homes we will happily pay you 25% of our first procurement fee once we have successfully leased the property. If you refer us a property that is already rented, we will pay you our first two management fees.


Many agents will show our vacant rental homes, when listed on the website, to prospective tenants. If you, as a licensed agent, bring us an application on one of our rentals, listed on MLS, that gets approved, we will pay you 10% of one month's rent. Many of our rentals are not listed on MLS because we don't let other agents show properties that are still occupied by the tenant. If you just want to send us the names of prospective tenants, and have our agents show them the property, we will pay you 10% of one month's rent once their application is approved and they have moved in to the property.

To send us a referral, please fill out the form to the right of this page. We are happy to pay referral fees to other licensed real estate agents and Georgia law prohibits us from paying referral fees to anyone that is not a real estate agent. Please make sure you provided us with YOUR contact information as well as your referral's contact information so we can make sure to express our appreciation. Just as a quick review, we pay licensed agents:

- 10% of one month's rent for sending us the name and contact info for a prospective tenant if we get them into one of our rental homes.

- 10% of one month's rent for showing and leasing one of our rental homes.

- 2 month's management fees for referring us a new property management account that is currently tenant occupied.

- 25% of our first Procurement Fee for referring us a new property management account paid as soon as we have rented the property.

If you have any questions please let us know.

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