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We have a solid collection of positive references from both property owners and tenants. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a property management company with more positive reviews.

These references and reviews of our services really prove what kind of experience we can bring to you and your rental property. With our name behind your property, you will feel more secure knowing your property will be rented out to reputable tenants and managed to the best of our professional ability. As a Metro Atlanta property management company that strives to work for not only the property owners but also our tenants, we have struck an amazing balance of ROI and quality of life. 

Owner References

"I have never had the pleasure of dealing with a more courteous and professional group of people such as yourself and the various managers I have worked with over the years."- Jamison Shaw, Landlord

"Not only have you done a great job in keeping my property rented and maintained, you have also been a tremendous help to me in selling at least four properties."- Fran Diedrich, Landlord/Seller

"There has never been a time when we were less than completely satisfied with any and all aspects of your service."
- Joe and Nancy McCoy, Landlord

"...I am delighted with her professional service. She was always prompt, efficient, correct in every detail, gave 'right on' advice and counsel, and guided us successfully to the end result."- Dick and Sallie Wallace, Landlord/Seller

"Excalibur has done an outstanding job of managing our property, and I look forward to having Excalibur manage properties that I may acquire in the future."- Bruce Johnson, Landlord

Tenant References

"Throughout our lease we always felt comfortable that if we needed anything that we could call Excalibur on a moments notice and know our concerns would be addressed. Excalibur was always prompt in returning my calls and emails."- Tom Wolfe, Former Tenant

"Excalibur was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend Excalibur to anyone."- Jim Alabiso, Former Tenant

"People always complain, but rarely hand out kudos when deserved. We wanted to make a point of congratulating you for the excellent efforts. Good work!"- Andrew Cortez, Former Tenant


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